Ibhar Academy is a Registered Management Training Organization that delivers nationally recognized training qualifications in the fields of engineering, administration, law and accounting, carefully selected to with relativity to the business world to enhance performance and promote skills of the employees and professionals in the field of business. On the other hand the academy offers a wide range of focused and intense courses for clients who desire sharper training programs.
The Academy also provides assistance to companies by conducting workplace training consultancy services, which in return help clients to develop and implement strategies that improve the workforce effectiveness.

We, at IBHAR ACADEMY, commit our talents, energies and resources to:

  • Deliver excellence and innovative Training solutions and services to our clients.
  • Provide opportunities for growth to our people.
  • Build mutually valuable alliances with our business partners
  • Make meaningful contribution to national development.
  • Ensure satisfactory proceeds to our shareholders

Together, we shall pursue excellence in all our endeavors to contribute to the continuing growth of the profession. To empower the credit profession by:

  • Being the centre of expertise for credit management in Qatar .
  • Gaining universal recognition that sound credit management keeps business in business.
  • Maintaining relevant, up-to-date qualifications and occupational standards.
  • Being recognized and respected as the profession’s voice in Qatar.
  • Supporting the career development of all people who work in credit management.
  • Improving skills and standards through a growing membership.
  • Continuously improving our products and services and being the first-choice provider.
  • Promoting credit management through local, national and international networks.


To be a leader in the industry that enhances the quality of life by providing world class quality training solutions and well-developed communities.