Being successful in business demands total focus; we know our customers face change on a daily basis and must deliver on their goals, often under extreme time pressure, without being distracted by day-to-day managerial problems.

All of us working for Ibhar Enterprises strive to contribute to facilitating the decision making process by understanding our customer’s needs, thus delivering solutions and services with unbeatable quality. All our employees make every effort to work in close partnership with customers to continuously reassure them that Ibhar Enterprises is a trustworthy partner, today and long into the future.

Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, as well as our commitment, listening to customer needs, and being able to deliver. Our strategy is about providing ever better solutions and investing in new arenas, involving our employees and encouraging cross-functional collaboration. It is also very much about sharing our know-how with customers – and joining with them to explore new opportunities.

Our cross-functional teams work seamlessly across the organization when it comes to business development, marketing & sales, project management and customer services. This constant striving towards improvement opens new opportunities and solutions to issues that are more rapidly identified and disseminated throughout Ibhar Enterprises.

Your Dreams Are Our Thoughts!


Doctor Moyasser Saddiq
Partner & CEO