Amidst our programs to improve the professional lives of our clients, we ourselves also seek continuous improvement and up to date curriculums and courses. To achieve such excellence and quality learning, Ibhar Academy formed partner ships with internationally recognized institutes and professional bodies and personnel, to have a complete coverage of most current issues in the professional business world.
Our main partners include:
  • International Center for leaders preparation and rehabilitation. 
  • Eshraka Management and Training Center. 
  • American Institute of Real Estate
  • Wahag Center for Educational Consulting.
  • Arab Board of Consulting and Training and Human Development
  • Canadian Jawnkm University
  • The European Court of International Arbitration
  • Heart to Heart Center Consulting and Human Resources Development
  • DR. Michael Tulane
  • DR. Herman Crisa
  • DR. Steve Schiffman
  • DR. Anis Ahmad Rajaei
  • DR. Ahmed Esmat to Edon University US.


Doctor Moyasser Saddiq
Partner & CEO